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What happend to Thai TV 3?

Thai TV-3 went missing for a couple of weeks, so it been a difficult time for the Thai drama series lovers. Fortunately it reappeared on a frequency not too far away. It can now be found on 4052 H sr: 4551. There is even an additional BEC Channel which is listed as an testcard on 4057 H sr: 2276.

A few new Thai TV channels less on Thaicom-3

the 2 new Thai movie channels, the Thai Pop music channel and the comeday channel have gone encrypted, leaving only the somewhat less exciting Thai education channel.

A bunch of New Thai TV Channels on Thaicom-3

2 new Thai movie channels, a Thai Education channel, a Thai Pop music channel and, what appears to be a Comedy channel listed as rak Thai (or love Thai), have appeared on freq 3920V, sr 30000.

The movies on the first movie channel are older than many of our readers, but they seem to be of a different type of movies than we are used to...


the new APSTAR-6 satellite is starting up

Early evening yesterday, the new Apstar 6 satellite at 134.0 E was "turned on" and the migration of channels from the old Apstar-1 satellite was initiated. Incredible signals strength and quality was seen at levels between 85% and 95% !! This is, without a doubt the most powerful satellite that is up there, at this time. Let's see if iPSTAR-1, which is expected to be launched on July 7th, can measure up. As for the channels on APSTAR - 6: unfortunately all of the channels (so far) are are in chinese.


Finally all of the Thai TV channels DVB on C-band!

Finally: all of the Thai TV channels are now available in clear Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) on the Thaicom 2 / 3 satellites. Seems that the last missing Thai TV channel, known as Thai TV-3, was made available in DVB sometime during the last month. Check freq. 4054 H sr: 6392 for crystal clear Thai drama series.


No more "free" Dream TV?

We've been getting reports that Dream TV from the Philippines is finally trying to do something about the ten thousands of people that enjoy their services without paying for it.

According to some of these reports, the code(s) that need to be entered into special receivers / decoders, to decrypt and view Dream TV channels, are no longer working as before. However, on many of the message boards that relay these codes between their users, we see that they are now (proudly) displaying codes that are working on / after the 13th of April 2005.

We are certain that this will not be the last that we hear of this, so beware if you are about to select a new satellite TV receiver set and were hoping to enjoy free Dream TV.


AB TV on ST-1.

A new Thai Channel under the name of AB TV has started on ST-1. Seems to be about business news, stock reports and Apparently it is available on cable in many parts of Bangkok as well.


Italian Music channel has left.

The Italian video clip on demand TV channel appears to be gone again. The Russian version is still there.


Trace TV not on Thaicom 3 nor on Asiasat 2, but new music channels from Russia and Italy are now up.

Our favorite music station Trace TV first moved from Asiasat 2 to the already damaged Thaicom-3, which obviously did very little to improve the sound quality, but now this great French channels has been showing a black screen on 3640H on Thaicom 3 as well. It looks like the Thaicom people want to compensate for our loss by introducing both a Russian, as well as an Italian station that broadcasting non-stop video clips.


Thaicom-3 problem solved?

After several days of searching the sky and realigning the satellite dish, we were finally able to lock in on the Thaicom-3 satellite again. A fellow PSI sat's equipment user on the other side of Bangkok encounter the exact same problem, but apparently we were the only ones that complained about this. Where normally the signal just weakens when you're 1 step on the actualator off, this time it was enough for all transponder signals to completely disappear! Guess we learned something new today!


Thaicom-3 turned off?

We never considered this to be possible: All the TV Channels on Thaicom-3 are gone! The only 3 TV channels from the Thaicom-2/3 cluster that we are able to receive are iTV (TH), Modern 9 (TH) and Channel 11 (TH) and those are on the Taicom-2 satellite. What happened to Thaicom-3? More information on these Thaicom-3 problems later.


Happy New Year :

The New Year brought us a small surprise: BVN is suddenly back and viewable, although with minimum quality.

An additional bonus was the fact that on this same MUX we can now view Trace TV, another one of our favorite TV stations. This will save us an awful lot of time by not have having to point the satellite dish to AsiaSat 2 satellite, when we want to listen to some great dance music. If it wasn't for the english language programming on the Indonesian satellites, many foreigners in Thailand could probably suffice with setting up a relatively cheaper fixed system that only points to the Thaicom-2/3 satellites now.


Coverage and phone numbers for information on the Tidal Wave disaster in Thailand

The latest coverage and constantly updated emergency services telephone numbers with information about the Tsunami (Tidal Wave) disaster in Southern Thailand can be seen on iTV (Siam Ch. 1), on Thaicom-3 satellite, freq: 4145 H sr:4815

Information is mostly in the Thai language, but telephone numbers and names of foreigners will usually be repeated in English.


No more "free" ZEE TV?

A number of people have reported that the ZEE tv network has changed it's encryption and that it is no longer viewable with their standard receiver / decoder.


No more free Astro

As was expected, the people whom were watching "free" Astro TV channels now have a blank screen. Astro has finished replacing their smart cards and have changed their encryption to SECA2 this morning.


All Multi choice Channels on Pas 10 are encrypted again. It was very good while it lasted. Started somewhere before 08:00 (GMT + 7) and disappeared just before 10:00.


All Multi choice Channels on PAS 10 are Free to Air right now! It probably won't last long, so find a tele while you can.


Seems like the people at BVN were right after all. Thaicom-3 has permanent technical problems which can not be fixed. Read more about the Thaicom-3 problems on our general news page. BVN itself is still hardly viewable and only at night.


Some improvement: last night BVN was up to 30% quality, while in the morning just > 15%.

Found a new Thai TV Station called CMD part 2. Looks like young people type of programming. More program info will follow.


Perhaps Shinsat wasn't quite done with telling us the (whole) truth, as the BVN web site reports that the Taicom-3 satellite has been seriously damaged! This was probably caused by a meteorite impact. The Thaicom-3 satellite's power is severely down. Although some of the transponders have signal strengths as before the problem occurred, it is especially BVN that is way down in strength and thus it is hardly possible to watch. This morning their transponder's signal strength was barely hitting 15% here in Bangkok, but that was an improvement from yesterday's < 5%. BVN's Mrs. Ans Krietemeijer is warning everyone that on some part of the day it may not be possible to receive the BVN Tv signal at all.


Apparently ShinSat used the time of solar outage to recharge the batteries on the Thaicom-3 satellite and has been restarting transponders since. Read the whole story on the general satellite news page.

Earlier this morning only BVN, the Dutch / Flemish channel, seemed to be still missing and, judging from their web site, the problem is far from being fixed.


a large number of channels on Thaicom 3 seem to be gone. More news later


-Finally one that should please just about every Thai female: Thaicom 2: 3764 H, 4600, 3/4 is showing BBTV Channel 7 aka Thailand's Channel 7.


-The fish on Asiasat 4 are gone again, but now there is feed of a (live) human space walk going on at Asiasat 2, 3704 H, 4167 (was... he is safely back in the space station. Now they are broadcasting news)


-The fish on Asiasat 4 are back! This time on 3905V 26670

-The family channel is also back again (3580 H, 27000, 3/4). No sign of the other, slightly more interesting, channels though..


-The fish are gone..


-AXN, Disney Channel, Star World, Cartoon channel, Family channel, National Geographic, CNN International and E!Entertainment at Palapa C2 satellite have left again.......


-AXN, Disney Channel, Star World, Cartoon channel, Family channel, National Geographic, CNN International and E!Entertainment are now viewable at Palapa C2 satellite on 3580 H, 27000, 3/4 !!


-Fish in Space? There have been reports of fish swimming around on AsiaSat 4, 3733H, 5789 for the last few days. Nice change from MTV! Check it out..

-Thai Channel 11 was reported to have changed their video PID. You may need to rescan or re-install.


-A new satellite! Apparently there is a new satellite that, after a somewhat troubled launch, did make it up to the point it was supposed to arrive at, at"142 E". More details about possible FTA television channels on the C-Band will follow.

-The former Tarbs Channels that were on Thaicom3 seem to have left again


-Al Arabiya, Mazzika and Polsat have replaced Al Mehwer TV, MKTV Sat, Nile TV International on Thaicom 3. 


-Living Asia Channel has started on 4090 V on PAS 2.

-Nepal 1, Sadhana TV, Punjab Today and Mh 1 have left 3626 V, moved to 3840 V on Thaicom 3.


-TARBS is Free To Air on the Thaicom 2/3 satellite.

Frequency: 3520 H
S/R: 28066

lost of interesting stations from eastern europe and Brazil (?)


-On 29th June 2004, from 2 am until 5 am Italian time, there will be an interruption in the broadcast of all Rai International television channels for Asia and Africa. This is due to necessary maintenance work. 28-06-04


- Eurosport on AsiaSat 2 has left during Euro 2004??

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